Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome to North Point Student Ministries, or what we affectionately call NPSM.

NPSM exists to come along students and their families as they navigate through Middle and High School.

High School and Middle School Students meet on Sunday nights in our Youth Room (be sure to double check the schedule).  Middle School meets from 5-6:30, and High School meets from 7-8:30.  Getting into God’s Word is our top priority, but having fun is pretty important to us too!   A regular rhythm in NPSM is every third Sunday of the month we have a feast.  What that means is pretty straight forward: We get together, eat, and enjoy each other!

Sunday nights give students the opportunity to grow deeper in their faith, be challenged to think about what they believe and why they believe it, and to see fellow Christians that they walk the halls with Monday thru Friday.

Sunday Night Hangouts

Hangouts are an opportunity for students to get together (HS and MS separately) and do something fun together.

These range from capture the flag to game nights to scavenger hunts to operating a forge to going fishing to playing basketball to slip and slide kickball to corn-mazes to… You get the idea.

Retreats & Service Projects

Every calendar year, both the MS and HS students have the opportunity to participate in a retreat. Retreats give students a unique opportunity to build deeper relationships with peers, leaders and most importantly Jesus.

Each summer we “go” on a service trip and serve our community.  We spend 4 days serving our community where there is need, learning about cultivating a servants heart and having a lot of fun!

NPSM Leaders

NPSM is committed to our students safety and spiritual development.  When you, the parent, entrusts your precious child with us, we take it very seriously.  We continually strive to provide safest environment for your child to grow as a person and grow in their relationship with Christ.

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Mark Immink – Director of Student Ministries