Sunday Services Times

Services At 9:00 & 11:00 AM

571 N 10th St, Plainwell, MI 49080

One mile North of Downtown Plainwell


What to expect at North Point Church


We worship God through hymn and modern music. All forms of worship music remind us that God is the King of the Universe. 

It also reminds us that music is a means, not an end. Worship is more than a Sunday morning experience, but a life commitment to sing the praises of God everyday and to live a life as an offering to the King.

We desire to help put music in your heart.

Relevant Teaching

The Word of God is our only guide and rule of faith. The Bible is open during our teaching time and determines the sermon. Scripture is explained and interpreted through the lens of context, meaning and application.

God's Word is His precious gift to us, and to see Scripture as something less is to diminish the voice of God to the people of God.

What to wear

We are not so concerned about what you wear, we’re excited to have you join us for worship.

Casual attire is the norm.

Whatever you wear is fine and we’re positive you’ll fit in.